Peas in our time…

Maybe David Davis was closer to the mark than one might have thought last week….

Oh dear god! - a man known to not like detail and so many suggestions already of his links to Russia.

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What a load of rubbish. More of that “envy of the world” British superiority complex on show again. I think Paul Keating’s comments about Truss are closer to the truth… " The former Australian prime minister Paul Keating has accused Liz Truss of making “demented” comments about Chinese military aggression and urged the British foreign secretary to hurry “back to her collapsing, disreputable government”.

Keating, in a blistering op-ed, also said Britain “suffers delusions of grandeur and relevance deprivation” and its tilt to the Indo-Pacific lacks credibility.".

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Former PM of South China denounces person casting Beijing in something other than positive light. Colour me shocked.

Though Truss is dangerous IMO, she’ll say anything and Boris casting himself as a World leader in the Ukraine crises is priceless. Do you think it just more diversionary tactics or real delusion as to their relevance? I don’t know :thinking:

Nah, they’re not that smart.

Alas, the current cabinet makes John Major’s look like titans.

Traditionally, irresponsible leaders in serious difficulties and unpopular at home look for a good war…

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A clash with the Russians will make the recent misadventures in the Middle East look like a fondly remembered holiday.

Yes, and today I started wondering if Biden isn’t above that either?

He’s busy wondering where he is and what all these cameras are in aid of most days.

Spitting Image would have a field day with this current lot. Boris + Carrie could be so well done by them. The Downing Steeet redecoration and Boris’s parties in lockdown alone could provide titbits for weeks.

Do you remember the “all grey” John Major? We really need Spitting Image to be back live again


It is back.

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They did a good Pritti didn’t they? And the Sunak puppet showed lots of potential. Tx

If Putin does move ahead, and there isn’t much in the way of intervention, then imagine the Chinese will be quite confident about moving in on Taiwan, and then what, no chips for the west, and all that entails :scream:

Good article.

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Yes I read that John - good analysis and brave - clear prediction of what’s going to happen rather than the usual journalistic maybe-this-maybe-that stance.

But then - I’ve made this point before - it’s one of those Guardian articles that really make the paper worth reading, and raises it above the level of the UK media generally - because it’s not written by a journalist, but by a real subject specialist.

Here we go again, the bloody US deciding and negotiating unilaterally.

Surely NATO has no mandate to “defend” third countries. IMO there should be immediate agreement that the Ukraine will not be invited to join NATO for a period of time to be negotiated.