Pellet range cookers

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We are looking at installing a pellet fired range cooker, which would (obviously) be used for cooking but could optionally also be used for heating part of the house. We have several wood-burning stoves in the house and do not want to splash out on a hugely expensive central heating boiler. Using an automatic or semi-automatic range cooker which could also heat the house seems to make sense. Does anyone have experience with these type of ranges or could any of you even recommend a specific make/brand?

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I have no information for you, sorry, but I do have interest in this topic; I wanted to ask what kind of cooking you would do on/in the pellet fired range cooker…? Baking, as in oven…or, stove top? Or, both?

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I would do both Mary. Have looked at Palazetti for example - they offer oven and hotplate cooking and you can even opt for remote management. I think I’d have an extra electric oven too though, but a pellet system seems so practical for you can cook whilst optionally heat the room or the entire house.