Pellets for Woodburner?

We have a woodburner in our main room but recently our local suppliers wood has not been very good.

So we’ve seem this-

Any comments please
Many thanks!

I can’t see how this would provide enough heat to heat up a cast insert never mind a room :thinking:

Mant thanks, interesting. Anyone bought one of these? Would be interested in any comments if you
Many thanks again!

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Why not just buy the artificial logs - busche compresse? Same basic thing as pellets …but designed to work in a fire?


We have already tried these and they do seem fine. Just saw thepellets system advertised & just
wondered if anyone has tried it!

well I bet they are pricey. My big old woodburner is a fantastic supplier of heat when it’s got going. I get my wood locally from a bike ehthusiast called Daniel, I bought 8 50centimetres stères for 45e a stère. He stacked it for me. Voilà. find a better supplier…


I am getting 8 stère cut into 35cm lengths hopefully today weather permitting, because I am taking more than 7 stère I get it for €42 delivered but I have to move it myself, I will get another load delivered and that’s me for next winter :yum::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Kate/Griffin, roughly where are you? Round here 75e stere & not awfully good!


I am in 72, it’s a mix of chestnut, oak, beech and some birch.

Round here it’s about 50euros per stere for dry wood. The wood from the supplier we have is fine. We’re in Manche (50)

Many thanks for your replies.
amazing that some places are up to 50% more then others!!


Around here some of the price variations have to do with just how dry the wood concerned is. Some local people buy wood that is not dry because they are happy to store it for a few years so it can dry out. We always specify bois sec and our supplier seems to be reasonably reliable.

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Our supplier sells us 2 year old wood. We were naïve the first year we moved here. We didn’t know how much we’d need nor how much our dépendance would hold and we didn’t initially buy enough in the summer. We had to restock in January and unaware of how long wood takes to season I stupidly bought newer - and cheaper! - logs. Won’t make that mistake again!

Absolutely! You only make that mistake once :rofl:
However, it’s VERY difficult to work out quite how much you are going to need. We’ve used considerably more this year than previously because I’ve been so immobile and therefore in the house a lot more. Fortunately we had an awful lot of old fenceposts to get rid of and our front year looks a great deal neater now :angel:

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Indeed, it didn’t help that until moving into the house we’re in, I had no idea what a stère was. The guy could’ve delivered 2 but told me it was 4… I wouldn’t have known :grin:

Last year we bought 7 stères and we’ve just about got enough to last till the end of the month so will do so again this year. Dunno if that’s average or not.

maybe this will help?

There is also a cord which comprises an number of stere.

What are you burning the wood in in your rental? An open fireplace, a wood burner? That may be significant to deciding what constitutes a “norm”…

Yes, after stacking them I now know how much one is :grin:

Sadly we have a lovely-looking but incredibly inefficient open fire place. One of those massive ones that would probably be fine in a château.

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Then I think you will use a lot of wood…

7 stères is what we usually buy and normally it’s fine. We have an ancient but very effective woodburner, which I love. Prior to getting that, it was an open fire and not only wasn’t very effective, it also smoked. If you’re managing ok on 7 you must have a very well insulated house or a very small house or be really tough people :rofl:

they’re young :wink: