Penny Pinching War Baby Calling

Yep I get that but using olive oil to cover the pesto and giving the jar a shake washes out whats caught in the ridge back into the mix and the olive oil prevents air getting to the pesto.
Just checked one of our jars and had to through it out because OH didnt listen, hate food waste.

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I’ve done this for some time, but it only delays the inevitable a little by hiding the small amount of mould growing on the smaller particles that don’t get swept into the main body of pesto. Freezing is a much better option if you don’t want to consume some mould.

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I bet it turns out that mould is really good for you, Then how silly will you feel? :rofl:

There’s mold on a lot of cheeses :blush:

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And I thrive on it, apparently. Still here. :smiley:

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I am used to cutting off/scraping away some mould. OH would have kittens if he spotted me doing it.
Having fallen foul of ‘elf and safety’ in our Scottish hotel kitchen before (tub of cream one day over use by date) - he became super sensitive to sell by dates and anything slightly off…
So now anything that might be used by him and could grow mould - goes in the freezer.

Grandparents and parents brought me up on that principle. Countless jars of jam which hadn’t (I presume) been fully sterilised and which had little furry colonies to be spooned out.

PS Thank you, whoever it was, for the silicon spatula idea. I bought a long, narrow one and it will be very useful.


The ones recommended for sale in Action were nowhere to be seen this week when I went in there. Will have to keep an eye out.