Pension d'invalidité


My friend is disabled and is a UK citizen living in France.

He has been living here for over 20 years and receives a pension d’invalidité from the French government each month which is all he has to live off.

He is anxious if this will stop once the UK leaves the EU.

Does he need to apply for French nationality to continue receiving his pension or will it be stopped once the UK leaves?

Hopefully an agreement will be negotiated where nobody loses any of the established rights they have at present, neither EU citizens established in the UK for over 5 years nor UK citizens established in the EU for 5 years. But negotiations have only just started.
Why would this pension be stopped in any case? Is it in some way conditional upon him being an EU citizen?

Hi Jenni

Just a thought… your friend has been here for more than 20 years…

so surely he must know folk in the local offices… they will have access to his dossier …and can (presumably) answer this question and calm his fears?

Many thanks

I m not sure , but he thought that once the UK leaves the EU then France would not continue to pay the disability

Would it be a good idea for him to apply for French nationality?
or is this not nesessary if he has lived in France for over 20 years

Jenni… As I suggested… he should talk things through at his local offices. Once they have answered some/all his questions, he might have more of an idea what to do next (if anything).


It’s nice that your friend has a good friend like you …
Does he/she have a good doctor (needed anyway for Disability Card renewals).
It’s inhuman that the disabled might might be forgotten in this brexit mess so let’s keep fingers crossed all will be well in the long run.
I’m pretty sure your friend can benefit from French citizenship given the long stay in France.
Ask perhaps for advice/HELP from the CCAS at the “Mairie” then the MDPH about citizenship. The money comes via the CAF…so hopefully that’s secure.
Above all keep calm and drink many cups of chai.