Pension problem - and how to obtain a permanent Social Security Number

This enquiry is a bit out of the ordinary-so anyone with any expert knowledge would be most welcome to comment.

We lived and worked in France from 2003, my husband had a business 'profession libérale ', and for the next 7/8 years he worked and paid his taxes and social contributions.
What is really odd is that when he first had his Carte Vitale, it arrived, and the number started with a 3. He used this card for medical and all Social references all the time we were there without any problems at all; hospitals, GP’s etc accepted it. No one ever mentioned that this card should have been replaced by a card starting with the figure 1, about 6 months after having registered.

My husband was just going through all his French Paper work, and wanted to find out his pension status, so called both CIPAV and RSI [ we also spoke with URSSAF ].

Unless he can obtain a new permanent number, he cannot access his French Pension, and no one seems able to help him achieve this.

We employed a French business lady, who was sure she would sort this out, and she failed, and the RSI just do not respond. They demand Birth Certificates,Passports to be sent by email, and when this has been done, they say they have not received them. Recently a woman said they did have the documents and they would respond to our French address-6 weeks later , nothing!!! Today another few calls and they
a. Lost his file
b. Found the file.
c.Then said they still need the Passport and Birth Certificate. [ Already sent 3 times ]
We are dealing with RSI in Paris-has anyone any ideas about what to do next??
Our paid French lady has just given up!!

Any ideas would be so welcome!!!

Hello Jacqueline,

My goodness what a mess. RSI are a total nightmare to deal with. I suggest you either send all the documents again by registered post (recommandé avec accusé de reception) or go to their offices with all your papers and try to talk to someone. Both have worked for me. I’ve emailed them in the past and never had a response so I’ve given up doing that.

I hope you get it sorted out.

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feel for you so badly. Im married to a french woman have a social security number and have been paying takes for over 2 years now and still I cannot get a carte vitale, my names was changed when i was very little and no matter how much we try I can’t get them to accept the official UK documents on this even got the embassy involved and they then accepted it and then didn’t send it RSI is the same.

They are all notoriously difficult to deal with. Even my french wife had problems for 6 months after we returned here from the UK and she is bloomin French!!!

Hope you manage to get it sorted.