Pensions - please don't yawn, advice needed - apply France or UK

(Sarah Beattie) #1

As OH hits 65 next year we need some advice about how to apply for his pension. We have two options as I understand it. We can either apply to Newcastle direct OR as we have been here and working since March 2008 we could apply in France. Does anyone have any experience of the latter please? As Uk pensions no longer have an increase for a dependent wife I am wondering if we should chose the French system…

(Claire OWEN) #2

I would have thought that you best bet is to go the French system and ask what you are likely to get. Then you can compare the 2 offers.

I believe you need a paper from Newcastle laying out your contributions history so that France can calculate if you have made the correct number of unit contributions, it’s not automatic to age but to how many units you have. These are not quick to get, I applied for one for my husband in April and it arrived last week and guess what it’s incorrect. They have him contributing from 1948 and he wasn’t even born then!! I thought we would start early( 10 years early) as I thought it would be a nightmare and it looks like I was right.