Peoples view on Caisse D'Epargne Bank? Are they any good?

Good evening. I have been offered a mortgage (and I must take my bank account and life insurance with them) with the bank ‘Caisse D’Epargne’. Are they any good? Does anyone have any experience with them? Good or Bad?

not brilliant, payments can take days to show up online, in 3 years needed 5 new cards, sometimes declines transaction when funds are in bank.

Not good at all but my experiences relate to the Caisse in Languedoc and they do vary region to region. Still having nightmares with them today. I had a great relationship manager who granted me a mortgage on the basis of my Eurl but she moved on and they went rapidly downhill. They have never done anything ‘bad’ apart from delaying our house sale due to inefficiencies in releasing the ‘mainlevee’ on the mortgage.

Now with La Banque Postale and so far very good.