Per square metre (or foot) values for property

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a resource to find out what the average value per square metre is in a given area/post code.

The reason I ask is that I have looked at a potential project in the Charente Maritime, it is a fixer-upper of epic scale. I have watched this property over the last couple of years and it has gone from 250,000 euro to its current asking price of 190,000 - which leads me to ask what is the 'real' price of this property.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Thanks Steve, I will have a look through it. The spread sheet is a good idea.

Hi Neil, Thanks for that I put the info in and did did give me quite a possible range, but at least I know roughly where the goal posts are now.

THere is a rough guide by Dépt here

When I did a similar exercise a whie back, I just went through the ads for (finished) properties and entered the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet and took the average

Try this .

I just did and it seems ok. You have to fill in some info (obviously) and I did not add my email addres etc on last section but it still works.

There are other sites but this was first I came up with.