Perigueux pandemonium

Even the article admits you might as well abandon hope unless your GPS is up to date…

We always thought that roadworks in France in July and August were done deliberately to make life as difficult as possible for the tourists - especially Parisians! :wink:

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Ha ha…
Seems Perigueux do it deliberately, so that the School-Run is not disturbed/perturbed… :rofl:

I was wondering if other cities had the same mindset… :wink:

They made a right mess of those changes down by the railway yards, it used to be a free flowing get out of town along the river. Not any more, queues and buses coming towards you in a one way. :rage:

Urrch I’ll be avoiding it then!

With all the deviations I saw parts of Perigueux I had not seen for years! :grin:


If my son doesn’t get on the (*&^&^% Transperigord bus on time I may be going there this evening. Little toad.

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