Permission for above ground pools


We are new to France - living in Creuse for 2 months (and absolutely loving it!) - and are planning an above ground pool which is 4.66m diameter and 1.2m deep.

We understood that, if it was above ground, we didn't need to apply for 'planning permission' but the Mairie's office has told us that if the surface area is more than 10m2 x more than 1m deep then we do need to submit a form for 'works that don't require planning permission'.

Unfortunately, with my basic French (I'm improving - but slowly!) I'm unsure which form I need to complete. Could someone help me?

Merci beaucoup



You need to complete a déclaration préalable. You can download the form from the site I show. I think you only need to fill in the basic form but your Mairie should tell you which and what if any supporting documents you need.

David's link doesn't seem to work, for me at least, so here's another one You'll find the link to the form you need near the top.

Sorry about that. Not too sure why it didn't work. I normally try them after I've posted. Really the Mairie should have explained better anyway. Ours is quite happy to download and explain the various forms.

Thank you very much, Terry and David, that was very helpful. I filled the form in as well as I could and then took it to the Mairie's office for them to check. They were really helpful too - although we had to pop home twice before we got everything sorted!! Thanks again :)