Pet insurance for Dogs

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for recommendations for pet insurance companies in France.

Thank you

Your local Vet my be able to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Pet insurance isn’t used that much as you are normally covered under your house insurance for civil liabilities for your pet, so it’s mainly vets fees. And there are so many exclusions to basic pet insurance (i.e. no pets over 8 years old) that you need to look carefully at the small print. So far we’ve found that it’s more economical to leave the money in a savings account than buy insurance - but luckily none of our pets have ever needed expensive procedures. So can’t offer a suggestion for a company, but merely suggest once you have an estimate you think about whether it would cost you more than you would save.


Not sure where to ask about this, but hoping pet lovers who moved to France can help. In order to register our dog in France, we sent the registration/identification format to SIEV (signed by our new French vet) but got a reply back saying we needed to make a payment (vet didn’t mention any payment). Where or how can we make that payment? All I saw on posts on this were people mentioning they “wrote out a check”, but I need more info :S. thanks!

I registered our dog earlier this week, along with the application I sent a cheque for 9.75 euros approx.

Thank you for replying! How did you know how much money to send? Do you know where we can find out?

Thanks again!


Hi Candia…

Is it possible that the “small print” tells you how much to pay, who to make the cheque out to etc etc… ??

To me, it seems daft them saying you must pay if they don’t go the whole hog…:thinking:

The amount was at the top of the form.

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