Pet Insurance & Ticks


My Mum and brother have 2 black labradors in France, they live quite rurally and next to the woods. The youngest dog who is now 5 years of age has become very susceptible to becoming quite poorly and infected due to ticks even though Mum checks her religiously several times a day.

This is costing a small fortune at the vets, does anyone know of a good insurance policy that would cover this for future bouts even though there is now a medical history relating to ticks.

Also apart from the obvious prevention methods does anyone know of any more traditional methods or how to build up the dogs immune system?

Many thanks


Hi Brian

Many thanks for taking the time to reply, looks like we will all have to grin and bare it I'm afraid.

Kind regards


Jill, I hope people in the 'dogs, dogs, dogs' group pick up on this. They will know better.

I just took my long haired German shepherd for two and a half hour's worth of bathing and grooming. She found several ticks, whilst calming him I found several more. I find ticks well hidden in his hair just about every day. Our other dog has very short black hair, as visible as they should be they are sure fire there. Both cats have them. We use a cocktail of conventional and homoeopathic remedies but they are ever present. I have been used to them for much of my sixty plus years and can take them off, legs and jaws included with my fingernails. However, just occasionally that goes wrong and we have had infections. The vet makes more money.

So, we have looked at insuring but along with other preventions, the insurance companies either welcome or expect them but so far finding policies that include the various things that include ticks have evaded us. We found it in the UK as well as here, so we have resigned to the fact and simply pay for the preventives and hope they work.