Pet Insurance

Morning everyone,

My latest dilemma is finding some pet insurance for harvey (our puppy). Can anyone recommend a company here in France that will speak English aswell or have a good website. Or an English company that cover our pets out here.

Many thanks again in advance.


Gill King


Hi Gillian , let me know how you get on re: dog insurance in France, I am about to be in the same position, and would be interested to know

Thanks Lynn. x

Thanks Jennifer that’s great. I’ll give them a try.

I have no personal experience but SantéVet is the only company that springs to mind.
Why not ask your own house insurance? do a google search fro assurance animaux
Did you know that if your pet has an accident 3rd party liability at least is normally covered as standard under your house insurance.

Yes I have an insurance person in Cognac and they do a Pet Insurance for about 40 euros a month for our two little dogs - unfortunately I havent yet start it but will…! They are: Bruno Sellier no: 0545820320 - they do our car insurance and boat insurance as well and are linked to UK - their email is - Hope that is of assistance - we do have quite small dogs so this quote might be for little dogs only!! Jennifer