Pet passport 2

Can anyone say what is needed for a pet passport? We will make an rdv with our vet next week but wanted to prepare anything we need in advance.

Always the difficult part is trying to get your pet not to smile in the photo booth.


Or refuse to take his glasses off, or leave them on depending on who is in charge of deciding such things. :joy:

Can’t be more helpful but am interested in the replies you get, just in case, for the future. :smiley:

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I take it you are talking about a UK passport as getting a EU one is difficult now.


I assume it is in France and is the same for cats as for dogs, so from my experience, it is quite straight forward.

You take cat to the vet. Vet will check there is a microchip in place and for a rabies vaccine record, if you have one. Then the vet, may take a few days will order your new passport, fill in details and make you a small charge. In the passport you can have the vet place stickers and sign for all the annual vaccines.

My dogs’ records are more thorough than mine!

PS. Apologies. I have just seen the post by @Griffin36 and understand the cat may be in England. Before we moved to France our dogs had UK passports obtained from the UK vet and it worked well. Brexit changed things a bit, and you need an extra bit if paper in addition for each trip but it is all doable.

Our vet said things had tightened up greatly regarding EU passports lately, I suppose it will depend on the Individual vet but he said residency in France and the dog/cat being here for more than 3 months is one of the criteria now.

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@Corona is based in the UK

Thanks all, as we are looking towards a longer stay visa for possibly next year it would be doable.

Not much help for @Corona , but may help French residents. I got my pet passport last week, it cost €55 at my local vets, for that the vet gave my dog a full medical check, a rabies injection valid for 3 years and he issued my passport there and then. You need to have your dog registered with ICAD (Laws in France pertaining to animal welfare - Les Amis des Animaux)which mine was, the vet scanned the chip and checked the database. It was simple and you get issued the passport there and then, which is handy if you need to travel at short notice. He told me about having to call in with the dog for a worm innoculation between 7 to 1 days before going to uk.

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At least it won’t have to pass a language test


Is there a delay between the first rabies jab and being allowed to travel (i.e. take your dog/cat/ferret) to the UK? There used to be the need for a blood test (rabies antibody titre) some time after the first vaccination which isn’t now necessary.

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He didnt mention any delay regarding the Rabies jab but he did warn me about getting the worm treatment, so I would have thought he would have mentioned it when he gave the rabies jab.

Just checked .gov website and they state 21 days after rabies jab before being allowed into uk. Bringing your pet dog, cat or ferret to Great Britain: Rabies vaccination, boosters and blood tests - GOV.UK.

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Worming tablet is 5 days max before you go not 7, the treatment must have been given no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before you enter Great Britain.


Are you going to France full time and not coming back or do you want to do trips back and forth? We have just been through this and so may be able to help with what is required

It will be back and forth, at least for a while.

There is no such thing as a ‘pet passport’ these days. It has become an Animal Heath Certificate. You need rabies shots (within 21 days of travel) and an Animal Health Certificate within a limited time of travelling (7 to 10 days) to France. Your vet will tell you more if you are planning to return

Oh yes there is


Well I stand corrected then. However, I did think that pet passports were a thing of pre-Brexit and were no longer valid as we are not listed as a ‘part 1’ country. So no longer issued. Of course if issued pre 1 Jan 2021 then that’s different. But, Mark, I’m sure you are right and they are still issued if you say so

Ok, no longer issued in the UK. They’re alive and well in the rest of europe :eu:

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