Pet Passport moving house problem

I thought it might be worth alerting others to this problem.

Having just moved house I’ve updated my dogs microchip details through Petlog only to find that my address is now incorrect in my dogs actual pet passport and there is no space or page for change or address or change of ownership details. I’ve spoken to DEFRA and they say that my correct address must be shown in the passport so my vet will need to issue me with another passport but as the Rabies vaccination details are under a sticker I will have to carry both passports with me. It took 3 different DEFRA advisers to come up with this solution; up dating the address details when people move house seem to have been overlooked in the production of the pet passport!

DEFRA did suggest that I could use the second space under ownership details on page 4 but as we are joint owners and sometimes travel separately with the dogs this space was already filled in. I can’t believe that no one else has had this problem. It would have been simpler and cheaper not to have updated Petlog and I wouldn’t have had the worry about whether carrying two passports was going to work at Calais. I’m seeing my UK vet this afternoon so hopefully he will agree to creating further passports.

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