Pet passport/Tapeworm tablets

Hi, we’ve just bought a holiday property near Bellac in the Haute Vienne and are hoping to take our three dogs on holiday with us when we go, probably via the tunnel. I understand that to comply with the pet passport scheme, we must take them to a French vet prior to our return to the UK.
Could anyone please suggest a good vet in the area that will be happy to administer the tablets that we supply (if that cuts costs a little) and let me know how much you pay per dog.
Many thanks

We took our dog to the vet for tapeworm treatment prior to returning to UK in July. The location of the vet was not near you but I thought you may be interested in the costs.

The cost was approx 40 Euros, which included the cost of the treatment.

I would be surprised if a vet would administer a treatment that you provide - but I suppose you can ask if your French is reasonable.

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Hi Mat

Thanks for your reply… Apparently, from my research, some vets will give the tablets you provide, as long as they are suitable.

Saying that, at this moment my French is probably not of a high enough standard to communicate this!

I give our dog worm tablets each month, variable according to timing of next UK trip. I buy a stock of chewable Milbemax either in France or UK, and take two tablets to the vet in France before each trip. Our vet is happy to use tablets bought elsewhere so long as he opens the packaging and notes down the batch number on the passport. These tablets are costly, but we use them monthly as heartworm is a risk locally. Last’week I went to our vet with a neighbour’s daughter and her two dogs the day before they left for the UK. Our vet supplied the tablet for each dog (one each as they are both under 25kg while mine is 30kg so needs 2) and charged 20€ each, but these were Milbequantel which is not the chewy one. I’m not sure about French rules, but a UK vet can give you a prescription to enable you to buy the tablets from an online supplier, which is the cheapest way. We know our vet well by now, we are probably among his most regular small animal customers, and the dog has all her booster injections with him, as well as seeing to passports of all dogs in our UK family when they visit. He has no problem giving them tablets provided by the owners, but I would ask during your next visit rather than arrive expecting him to use tablets bought elsewhere.

By the way, we went to Ikea in Geneva yesterday, where the dog is welcome throughout the shop and in the restaurant. She had a wonderful time meeting small children, a great dane and a yorkie, and many customers made a fuss of her. She came home with a large toy pig from the children’s department!


Hi Diana

Thank you for taking the time to reply… it sounds like you all enjoyed yourselves in Ikea!
I hope we have a local vet like yours, 20€ is super!