Pet Passports and Brexit

Will we or won’t we?

If the Deal (or we Remain IN,) goes through then little will change with the Pet Passport Scheme for UK/EU pet travel and owners as UK will stay as a"Listed Part 1 Third Country".

If NO Deal and UK becomes a "Listed Part 2 Third Country, current regulations remain but with extra requirements. A suitably qualified vet will be needed to issue a MHC (Model Health Certificate) The MHC will be valid for 10 days after issue and entry into the EU and four months onward travel from/within the EU. a new MHC required for each trip. On arrival in EU UK pet and owners will be required to report to a Travellers’ Point of Entry.

If NO Deal and EU takes very hard line so that UK becomes an “Unlisted Third Country” after 29/03/2019, the owner and pet wishing to travel will again have to find the suitably qualified vet against rabies after microchipping. There is doubt if existing Pet Passport vaccination and microchipping will be recognised or if it will have to be done again. If being re-done then a blood test after 30 days and repeated if not successful. Following this demonstration of a successful vaccination there will be wait of at least 3 months before travel.

Starting today 7th December the earliest travel date would be in the first week of April 2019.

I spoke to my vet and was told that they do not really know, only hearsay, what the situation is and procedures are will be necessary, nor costs of documentation.

Presumably the UK Defra will accept a UK Pet Passport coming from France - Don’t know!

Will UK Defra accept a French Pet Passport - Don’t know!

Will France accept a French/ EU Pet Passport - Don’t know , but they should.

So has anyone with a UK/EU Pet passport tried to get a French/EU Pet Passport from a French vet? Did they require re-vaccination of did they accept the UK/EU certification ?

Interesting scenarion.

We took our dog to england once. He was somewhat taken aback at the eurostar terminal as we happened to travel at the same time as crufts, so loads of really posh dogs. But he liked the agility circuit there.

However he didn’t think much of England, apart from some sussex pubs where people had dropped chips on the floor. And he detested London and we struggled to get him out the door. He is French, with a french passport, so if he never gets to go to England again it’s not going to be an issue for him!


Our dog has a UK pet passport but will be going permanently to France in January and my husband has already declined a wedding invite in the UK so that we don’t have to take the dog.
Hopefully she will not need to be taken to the UK very often if at all.

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I find this absolutely stupid…nothing changes just ‘Cos of some lousy fear mongering political posturing…same as nothing changes for duration if not _lifelong_immunity for rabies…whether our pets receive the one year vaccine or the three year vaccine…once they have immunity to rabies then they don’t need any more vaccines…

My Collies are here on pet passports from uk…I lost two 8 year old minimally vaccinated Collies to the rabies vaccine…one before I even left uk…one within 3 months of arriving here…my two surviving Collies received the one year vaccine…(the two I lost received the 3 year version)

There is only one possibility that would ever force me into having my two remaining Collies vaccinated again for rabies and that would be if I had to return to uk to look after my mom…and even then I would hope that someone could come here to look after them whilst I returned to uk to take care of her…

It’s a subject that really raises my hackles…x :smiley: