Pet Portraits as Christmas Presents

Hi everyone,

if anyone is interested in commissioning any pet portraits as Christmas presents I am taking on commissions at the moment.

I am offering small works that are oil on panel. 13x18 cm (7x5 inches) or 18 x 24 cm (7x10 inches approx).

The panels come with battens on the back so they are ready to be hung on the wall (floating away from the wall). They can also be supplied without the battens.

You can email me on for any enquiries/prices.

Best wishes,


Siret 845033505 00015


Nice one Marijke Have you got any decent pictures of Syd? If you have (or haven’t, email me direct). Methinks it might be a good thing for P for Xmas, mind you because I usually buy something for her that’s totally inappropriate- chain saw chains, new iron, vacuum cleaner etc she might think something’s up :joy::joy::joy::grin:


Thanks Mark! :grinning: I will have a look and will email you :+1: :paw_prints::paw_prints: