Pet transport

Does anyone know if a dog can travel with a friend on Brittany ferries who is not the owner on pet passport?


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Dexter Price

No idea about the ferry, but lots of show dogs travel via Eurotunnel and they are often not with their legal owners but the exhibitor. The woman who bred our dog goes to Crufts every year, and she takes dogs that she has bred but no longer owns. I imagine she just carries a letter of authorisation.

Email the ferry company I guess if no one here has direct experience.

Hello. First time user. I’m sorry to jump in on your question without an answer but I can’t figure out how to post my own animal related question. Perhaps my question will stimulate further discussion. I need to learn the ins and outs of shipping my two dogs to France later this year. All insights welcome.

Courtney… it would be useful to know from which country you are proposing to ship your dogs to France… :thinking: :upside_down_face:

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If it’s from the US this gives the requirements,

Thank you smw! United States.

In response to my own post Brittany ferries have said that the pet must travel with the owner (or a designated person providing the owner is travelling either 5 days before or after the dog)

Animal couriers must register with freight (a separate issue)

That’s useful to know, thanks. I guess our breeder is registered as a courrier or something then.