Petition - Brexit (not)

Anyone who voted Remain should sign this petition. It’s self explanatory, but asks for a new referendum.

Apparently it’s so busy, it’s crashed once or twice, so be patient. The confirmation email required to register the vote takes a while to be generated.apparently.

I signed and shared it earlier via fb and twitter.

I don't know if it will be successful, but is worth a couple of minutes of everyone's time.

Don't forget to look in your junk or bulk mails folder for the confirmation email. This is a genuine call to HMG to debate this issue and call another referendum.

Already there are signs that people who voted leave are deeply regretting their action. Take, for example, Cornwall (one of the poorest areas of the UK) who voted leave and have just come to the realisation that they will loose their £60 million grant from the EU not to mention Lord 'guffaw' Farage who now admits that the £350 million to go to the NHS cannot be 'guaranteed' and was a 'mistake'.

Well, that's alright then...

Hi just to say I voted yesterday & got the email to confirm the vote this morning. A second referendum must now be debated in parliament tho' unlikely to win a vote. However, the more the merrier on the petition.

I reckon it should be a criminal offence to lie when campaigning. Oh, wait a minute, many of our elected representatives might then be in jail. However,

Shouldn't this have been done BEFORE the referendum? How would you feel if the boot were on the other foot? (I voted to remain, btw).

Could it be possible? Maybe there is some hope,

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