PetPassport from 1st November 2019

Thoughts with you Kim. There is only one thing that is capable of helping to take your mind off it…

  • a lovely little puppy!
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Hi, Mandy,

I have no other pets at the moment. I am pretty sure we will get another dog, preferably a puppy, before too long. Penny was a rescue dog from the RSPCA near us in Leeds. She came in as a cruelty case, but we weren’t given much information. She didn’t like most other dogs and would rush at them if off they lead and go generally nuts if she saw another dog when on the lead. We took her to a coupe of trainers, but never cured this. She got in well with some dogs and my cousin’s cat taught her to respect cats!

She loved people and was kind to everyone! She was always gentle with our friend’s son who is severely disabled.

In France we could walk for miles and never see another dog and she lived the freedom. She also really loved looking for lizards and pouncing on them outside our barns in France!! She caught one once and it shed its tail and ran off. She was really shocked!

Our first dog was a Collie. We had her from a puppy and she was a wonderful dog.

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I promised my hubby I would not rush to get another dog. We have agreed to get a puppy and train it, rather than getting a rescue dog next time.

The RSPCA didn’t give us enough info about Penny and gave us no support with her aggression to other dogs. To be fair, she never actually hurt another dog (no puncture wounds or bite marks).

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Sorry Kim I obviously misread your post. I though you were talking about your own dogs and cats but I guess you meant dogs and cats in general.

Please do consider getting another rescue. Most rescue centres have puppies as well as adult dogs. You will know when the time is right.

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Absolutely agree with Mandy, when you feel ready please consider a rescue Pup from the SPA or other animal rescue association.
There are always puppies needing a loving forever home. :dog:

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Our local Dog Rescue sort of place (super folk) will go and check that the new owner is completely happy and (more importantly) that the dog is completely happy with its new owners. Initially and again after an agreed period of time.

Any disharmony and the dog is taken back… that is the golden rule. :hugs:


Hi, Mandy. My posting re dogs and cats wasn’t clear. After pur experience with the RSPCA, I don’t want to get another rescue dog. I know lots of people who have had brilliant dogs from rescue centres, but we had no support or follow up about Penny and they weren’t helpful when we did contact them. We loved Penny to bits, but we could go through that again!

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The pertinent issue is here is that until Brexit either goes away completely or is done and dusted and we know the details of any deal arrived at, we pet owners can’t be sure how we will realistically be able to bring our pets to France for short term, last minute stays.
Getting another pet until we know the details of the deal or there exit, is probably not the best advice. I’m trying to book our Christmas break, and want to bring my middle-aged cat, who is too old to put in kennels, so know what the dilemma is for other pet owners.


I know. It is very frustrating. The extra tests etc are not cheap and can be traumatic for older pets. My son had to have them done for his 4 dogs (one of whom is quite elderly and one who had allergies!) and 4 cats. They know they need to have it done.

Hope you manage to sort something for Christmas.

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So sorry to hear about your loss. We now have dogs number 5 (Jeeves) and 6 (Mycroft) and travel to France from the UK five times a year. Today we had to have a new passport for Mycroft. We love being able to chuck them in the car and go and they get so excited about this too.
We are concerned about what changes there will be and it depends totally on whether we have a deal or not. No deal means blood tests and then having to leave it 3 months after that before we can even travel, assuming they have the right rabies content in their blood stream. Our eldest dog (11 in January) has had all the relevant rabies jabs and we are just hoping that he will have high enough levels in his blood stream despite being almost due a booster. Mycroft should be fine. We usually travel mid to end of January, so as soon as we know anything we will book the blood tests.
Our vet told us that some people had already had the tests (not cheap) in order to be prepared, but we hope that by this weekend we might know something. Fingers crossed. I don’t really want to go through the blood test if they don’t need it.
They both love France as do we and it would be a great shame if Brexit spoils it for us all.
When we lost our last cocker, Wooster, due to mouth cancer, I was devastated. We were so close. I still think about him a lot, it he is in much less pain and a better place. It is always hard to say goodbye, but we only ever do it when it is the best way for the dog. They are always in our hearts.