Pets and Ferry Crossing

Just wondering if any one has recently crossed from Dover to Calais with P&O, as what to the routine is for when you have dogs in your car.

I have been informed I must arrive at least an hour before ferry departure, just wondering do the dogs get scanned before boarding, as i am going to ensure they are asleep and relaxed before entering the port. they are very poor travellers and it takes about an hour to get them calmed down after they have been disturbed.

Wow! That was a bolt out of the blue. What went wrong?

Pets, we always use the ferry. Some of the check in staff insist on seeing the animal awake before handing you the scanner. Others…just want to process you.

You should also be ok to get them out for a stroll and start the calming process again once in your respective lane.

Good luck in the UK chum.

Lucky you:o)

its just a one way trip we will not be returning back to this country ever.

Simon, P&O told me similar yesterday when I phoned and also advised to book the crossing with pets early as they only have a few places due to vehicles being put in a place where air conditioning keeps the vehicles better for pets.

Don't forget that with dogs you need a French vet to administer the worming treatment injection before you return and within a special time frame. Not needed for cats.

Animals are not checked or scanned upon leaving the UK by ferry or the tunnel. They are however fully checked and scanned before leaving France headed toward the UK.

Sorry, No. I missed the Dover to Calais bit. I really should have my first cuppa before replying!

Are you saying they now also get scanned in UK to France. I did not find this last year.....Only France to UK

Can't vouch for the ferries, we also use the tunnel so that we can stay in the car with them. Their microchips are scanned at the pet office and their passports checked before being given a boarding card.

Don't know about dogs at ferry terminal, but they don't get scanned on Eurotunnel.

We always use tunnel as we will not leave our dog in car on ferry's too long