Pets annd wills

Hi I have two cats I dearly love and want to know they are safe if i die. I havnt got cat friendly family friends. Does anyone know of an organisation that i can contact Not a refuge like SPA. I can leave money for their upkeep. Thankyou


Look around you for a cat pension and talk to them. The kennels we go to had a long term resident that was paid for I think by a notaire, and stayed there until they had found a home for it.

You can’t leave money to an animal so you have to find someone to take responsibility.


I am in the same position with care for a parrot! all the parrot refuges seem to be shut and I am forever looking at new (young) acquaintances with a view to whether they would be a good parrot person.


Alas I am probably a bit old :cry::cry::cry:

Hopefully we have a few years yet, and all the time one of us can care for her it’s OK, but best to keep on the lookout for a future home for her.


Wendy, I asked my wife, who has volunteered at a UK rescue centre for years (and still does so remotely from France!) what she would suggest.You’ve probably already considered the following, so apologies in advance…

  1. She said that there are UK rescue centres that will take in parrots. Could a highly trusted person (eg a friend/relative) be left some money to take your parrot to one, at the appropriate time? From her experience of seeing other birds brought in, great care is taken to ensure the right person and suitable conditions are met before rehoming. Away from parrots, the centre she volunteers at, for example, will not re-home other birds to anyone who does not have an extensive aviary.

  2. Any merit in joining a French and/or UK parrot lovers site on Facebook to raise the question of what they would do in your circumstances?


Hello, and thank you SO much for you and your wife taking the time to care.
I’ll always be on the lookout for a future parrot parent for her, but yes, I do belong to a UK based parrot club/forum and know that when things get difficult (hopefully not for many years yet) i I can possibly arrange for someone to act on my behalf.

My hope has also been to find a french parrot refuge where in i could be sure Dora would be card for on my death. I would sponsor one of their birds throughout my lifetime and then leave a large donation in my will… with directions to the notaire who takes care of my affairs.
The only refuge i had found seems to have closed its doors. There is a Brigitte Bardot foundation centre about 30km away.
All the time both my husband and I are fit and well it’s one of those things I keep putting off.
Thanks again