PGCE in secundary Maths, can it be done outside of the UK?!


I have been trying to find an university that offers distance PGCE course.

But once I say I'm in france (with the British School support to study there), they all tell me it is impossible as this course will have to be in the UK.

Has any of you heard of someone taking a PGCE in France?



You would be better off in France with the CAPES, as the PGCE is not accredited 100%. At regular French colleges or lycées, I can only be employed as an assistant, with my PGCE. The only way around this is to work in the English section of the so-called "international" schools. (The French system does not allow the 50/50 share of language activities that other countries can have, but the international sections do a great job. I don't want to knock those schools.) If you think about it, an "English" PGCE is not automatically recognised in Scotland either, so it's a fair cop.

no worries ;-) I just thought it might make it easier to accept if you knew the logistical problems it would involve. Good luck and if you've go tthe relevant degree, try finding some teaching with that. Once you're outside the éducation nationale things become a little more open. Bonne chance !

Andrew, I completly understand and didn't mean to be ungrateful!!

It is just frustating and disapointing for me, but of course I know I am an "out of the box situation".


annoying but it isn't just about rules, Leonor, it's down to simple practicalities - the school has to have a trained tutor teacher in your subject who is free to tutor you and then there are the visits/monitoring from tutor teachers/examiners from outside the school plus visits from your uni lecturers...! Difficult enough to organise in the UK, impossible outside :-(

Hi sarah,

Thank you for that. I just called them, and of course they confirmed that it was impossible to take the PGCE outside of the UK.

What makes me wonder is why they don't even want to listen to the fact that there is a British School in france?!

Rules, rules, rules.... I guess there's no way I can do this now!

Thank you all for your help


In my experience, only UK universities and participating schools offer the PGCE training and placements.

The Teaching Agency on UK freephone 0800 389 2500 should be able to answer any questions you have.

I would rather teach in international schools!

And for what I heard the CAPES is really hard to get!!!!

Thanks for your answer.


I really can't see it being possible as a large part of the course is spent in the classroom being watched and tutored. This can only be done in participating schools with tutor teachers - not possible in all UK schools. Why not go for the capes here ?