Philips Perfect Draft system

Any members use the Philips system and the 6litre kegs of beer?

I first saw the device in a bottle shop in Saint Omer - I eventually found a UK supplier based near Harrogate - I’m pretty pleased with the authenticity of the beer in the glass just need to find a supplier if I move over.

Anyone know if the kegs are readily available or is it still a fringe product? Product image below.

I think most supermarkets sell them ( they used to anyway). Never found a 1664 or Stella one though.:beer::beer::beer::beer:

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Good news thanks - I’ve just ordered 4 kegs from Harrogate; 1 x leffe ruby, 2x becks and 1x Stella - normally I go for more Belgian type beers but they are a little heavy in the heat especially Leffe Rituelle :innocent: :slight_smile:

I had one when I lived in Germany but only used it for a few months because it was disappointing, it was alright if you used the keg straight away but not good if used over a few days. I often bought Stella for it, it was and still is a Belgian beer. I often bought the kegs in the Carrefour store at Liege.

My experience has been pretty positive - though I forget to send the kegs back - had a courier pick up 18 today which is the amount I’ve used over a fairly extended period. When I say Belgian I really mean trappist type beers rather than lager :+1:

I think mine was a fairly early one, perhaps they’re better now.

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The beer machines available at shops like Conforama and Leclerc tend to use the five litre kegs which last are widely available. Have never seen six litre ones in the hypers and supers round here in gironde.

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Phew, thats a relief, nearly said bad words! :zipper_mouth_face: