Phishing email Scam (La Banque Postale)

I had an email today about " C.B. Suspendu Reference xxxxx "
It indicated that my CB would be suspended in 48 hours if I did not adhere to the new regulations as per the website.
However, I do not have a C.B. account with them… I forwarded the email to the scam alert email address on the website and sent a PM to their Facebook page. I had a very prompt response to my FB message and they confirmed that it is a scam and thanked me for forwarding it to them so they can deal with it.


I have had several of these phishing emails over the last couple of months :rage:
Paypal, Netflixs etc.
Okay, a question to the techies, is it better to report and delete or block carp emails? Most go straight to spam box, but it sometimes startles me how many do get through :astonished:

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I have loads of them everyday, since, it seems, I followed advice and began to click ‘accept’ on all links provided here and elsewhere which were blocked by a cookie panel.

Connected? I have no idea, but I don’t accept any panel that pops up anymore. Just in case.

Just for those who don’t know this, if you get a suspicious email inviting you to click on something, just hover the curser over the link button and down in very small letters at the bottom left hand side of your screen, it will tell you who it is really from. :wink:

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The best advice is never to respond to them… in some cases the emails just use a « scatter gun » approach and if you respond they have confirmation that your email address exists.
Either just delete them or in cases where a spam notification service exists - such as in Vanessa’s case with Banque Postale - forward the email to them for appropriate action then delete it but - NEVER open any attachments - curiosity kills the cat :wink:


Got one today pretending to be a new carte vitale available online.

Is that the “new version 3”? If so, that one has been going round for quite some time! There is no version 3.

Exactly! I hadn’t yet been sent it…

:cry: don’t feel so hard done by - you have had it now :joy:

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It is a bit better than the ones I often get, not as much incorrect spelling and syntax.

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I got 2 like that purportedly from the Prefecture saying my rdv had been cancelled. So was very suspicious and rang before travelling. That was very helpful. NOT. :rage:

I never open them!
I do hit the block option sometimes which stops them until they adjust the email addy.
It has become worse since I started online shopping in france (Covid 19) before that I never gave out my email addy unless absolutely necessary :woman_shrugging:

David, is Prefecture Perigueux that bad?

Not for everyone, or every time, but it has been for me on at least 2 occasions. Sometimes you are entirely at the mercy of who you speak to, and their attitude and prejudices.

When I first registered my English car here I went through all the procedures and the last stop was the Prefecture. The man said flatly ‘no, you have done it correctly’ but refused to tell me exactly what was missing. I sat down again and then went to a different window where the young lady stamped everything with a smile. Job done.

On the occasion I spoke of above I applied so early after the ref that I was offered a rdv the next day, but chose one the next week to get all my documents in order. The evening before it, I got 2 emails, both with bad spelling and grammar, saying the rdv was cancelled. Worried, but suspicious I rang first thing in the morning to be told by a young lady that everything was ok and the rdv stood

So I went to Perigueux and, on seeing on a list that my rdv bore someone else’s name, I asked the young lady, whose voice I recognised from the phone call, who said without being asked ‘your rdv is cancelled because you have asked for renewal not new.’ As the first rdv on the list was earlier than my phone call, I knew that it had already been published and for reasons that I still can’t fathom, was not told the truth at the time.

In the early days we had similar problems, but maybe my franglais and puzzled look got the sympathy :woman_shrugging: Maybe only one I can remember that was understandably impatient.

Just seen these, the challenge is to understand which are genuine, I stopped getting a paper bill from EDF, not that bothered as I can see my account on line and home print, but i now know I was sent an email that required me to respond if I wanted to CONTINUE to get paper bills which I missed or probably thought of as marketing junk, or from a scammer.
The issue is that if you don’t click you might opt out by default of something important if you do it might be a scam!