Phone line

Hi there guys, so Orange attended to install a phone line to our old property but refused to do until we fitted something inside our house first? My wife was a little clueless to what they were actually after. Anyone come across this before? Thanks.

Why not ring the Orange English speaking helpline and ask them the question?

Have you got all the internal wiring in place? When you get a new line connected Orange bring the line to your property and connect it to your existing sockets. If your house has never had a phone and doesn’t have the sockets and wiring you will need to get an electrician to install it. Or if it is a very old installation that doesn’t meet current normes maybe Orange are insisting you get it upgraded.
With so few clues to go on that is my best guess, that the Orange technician can’t hitch the new line to the (non)existing internal wiring for whatever reason.

Hi Paul and welcome to the forum.

As Anna says - with so little info we are hard-pushed to come up with helpful advice.

As Graham suggests - phone the helpline and ask your questions…

best of luck.

Orange, or their agents, Sopelec or similar, no longer drill through the property, or through window/door frames. Get your electrician, plumber, handyman or whoever to put a hole through the wall. If there is any doubt, this problem arose this very morning, but there was a handy air-grate, so problem solved.

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Hi Paul & welcome, we used Orange to install a new line in our holiday home. There had been a telephone line previously but despite 3 visits (even using metal detectors!) it could not be found so we had to go through the rigmarole of having a new line put in. This involved getting the Mairie’s consent to having the road dug up (we are on the same road as the Mairie) which had to be done at a certain time. We also had to dig a trench to bury the line from the road across our garden to the front of the house. All in all, what we thought would be fairly straightforward took over 1 year so be prepared…happy ending though as our broadband connection is faster than the U.K. :grinning:, kids are delighted!!