Phone Problems

Good morning,
The sun is out for five minutes in Brittany after six months of rain. Celebrate.
Don’t give me a dunce’s hat for this, I am not a brilliant person when it comes to technology, although I have just recovered my computer after a major crash. I have a basic Samsung phone from the UK, it is Android, I had the same phone previously until it fell apart, being a gardener among other things kills my phones. The new phone, ever since I got it, keeps randomly loading soft porn and astrology sites every day. I use the phone for email and internet as well as calls, and these sites keep coming up. Online advice says uninstall malicious apps and get an adblocker. Neither of these things has worked. I don’t think the adblocker even works properly.
This has been a problem since my friends brought the phone back from the UK for me, I can’t exactly return the phone, especially as the packaging was stolen when my stuff was robbed.
I have never had this problem before.

Don’t worry, plenty of hard porn sites out there still…apparently.:joy::joy::joy:

why not take the phone to your local “phone” shop and ask them to sort it… yes, they will make a charge, but at least you will have a phone which does what you want it to and not “mess you about”… :roll_eyes:

Yeah, and they are probably better quality than the saggy ass ones being loaded onto my phone every day :grin:

I guess so, I don’t have a lot of money to spare though, hence seeing if it is a home grown solution, I don’t know if being a UK phone would affect it being repaired locally.
Imagine it, I walk into a phone shop, a Breton man is behind the counter.
‘You do not like this sites? No? We find you some better ones’.

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sometimes the cheaper option can end up being rather expensive… or else a dratted nuisance. It is up to you to decide… a phone is a phone… France will have seen UK phones before… :roll_eyes:

You can ask the phone-shop how much they will charge… and then choose your course of action… or inaction… :upside_down_face:

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Thanks, my first course of action was to ask on here as others may have had and solved this problem. A cheap and chatty course of action before I trek into town and try to navigate parking and the mysterious one way system :grin:
Always worth a try, especially considering the amount of useful info that I have got from people on here before.
To me, phone shops are last resort, to be honest. I don’t think I ever used a phone shop for repairs in the UK.

Fortunately, we have some “youngsters” in the next town who will do wonderful things with electronic gadgetry… :upside_down_face:

and near to Perigueux, many of the Hypermarket areas have a stand, where folk can go and ask for help with sorting out problems on their phones… (i-pad thingies etc)

No idea what goes on (or not) in the UK… but here in my part of France this is nothing exceptional… it is the norme…

Perhaps it does not happen “up north” … or perhaps you have simply not noticed it… :thinking:

I haven’t noticed any youngsters doing gagetry in town, they may be there, hidden in those mysterious little yards that our town has, kind of enterprise areas. My friend knows the town better than me as I have moved from near the next town along recently, so I will ask him. I totally know the kind of people, there are loads in the UK, usually not too expensive either.

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If any of your neighbours have teenage kids they will be able to sort it out for you.

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Hm, so far just young kids and kids who hang out in the toilets and bus shelter, no kids who I would see as safe to hand the phone over to, but I have only been here a week so I haven’t met the techy kids yet. I will keep my eye out for the techy teens. Thanks. Gotta be the right teens otherwise they will be so busy looking at these wretched sites that come up on the phone that they will forget to do anything about them :grin:

Whereabouts are you? X

Because…if you can get to one of these type places and just ask whoever is in charge if one of their students can help, (students are bound to speak English too), you’ll get it sorted quickly and FOC I’m sure .


Unfortunately I am central, so I am nowhere near any of those. But thank you for making the effort to look that up for me.

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Have you tried doing a factory reset? It will return your phone to its original factory settings.
If you are unsure how to do this log on to u tube. There are several tutorials on there which will show you how to do it. Bear in mind that you will lose all personal data such as contacts if you do this so make a note of anything you want to retain before you do it.

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Thanks. If it wasn’t for losing al the data, that would be a good idea. The problem is, I don’t know how these sites are accessing the phone, because they may come back if they know a way in.

Has anyone had access to your mobile?

No, I am the only person using it at all, I am alone most of the time and no one else has borrowed it.

Mmmmm… if no-one else has touched it… presumably whatever happened, did so before you received the phone.

If you need to conserve your data… it seems more and more likely that you will need to have the phone fixed by a professional… but this should not be expensive.

best of luck…

Thanks. I did wonder if the phone came with this thing being able to access it, it is very odd. The previous phone, exactly the same and from the same place, never had this problem.
Still, not life-threatening, it will get sorted one way or another.
It is always usefu to get other people’s opinions and advice on things like this.