Photographic Exhibition

(Patsie Fear) #1

I am organising my husband’s first exhibition in the Morbihan. It is in our public library here (we all have to restart somewhere in France I always say).

Mike is a landscape/cityscape/portrait photographer using 35mm and large format cameras working mainly in monochrome consisting of black and white and sepia and lith print and some infrared work. He has his own darkroom and is at last getting back into taking shots and planning them.

The exhibition is on during the month of March here in Reguiny 56500 - I will try to get accurate dates and times for the opening of the library should anyone be interested and I will also try to post photos of two of the pieces of work that will be in the exhibition which have been featured in magazines in the not too distant past.

Thank you.

(Patsie Fear) #2

Thank you for the kind comment - I love the Pump Room shot also.

(Patsie Fear) #3

Thank you.