Photography Job

Hi everyone.

I am looking to hire a photographer, professional or keen amateur. I am launching a new food product and need photos for my website and marketing material. Straight forward clear product shots for the on line shopping page and some action shots, preparation of food, the finished dishes, profile pictures of me etc. The label has been styled along the lines of a French Vintage Label, so the style of the website should match this, with a rustic French feel to it.

So if anybody is interested to know more, please send me a message and I will reply direct.

To let you know, I am in the Dordogne, 20 minutes south of Perigueux, towards Les Eyzies.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


I have a friend who does photography....Pamela. You can get in touch with her at

Tell her Manny sent you.

Hi Karen

e mail is



I'm not a food photographer more portraiture but willing to give it a go. I'm close(ish - as France goes near Cognac). What are your time scales etc ?


My details BTW are, 07930366956

Hi Karen,

This sounds really interesting! I work in the UK and travel through France regularily as I own a farmhouse there too. I am a professional photographer and have been for 20 years or so working in the advertising and commercial sectrors. I am planning to extend the workshops I do into France this year so this could tie up nicely. Get in touch with me when you can and we can chat about the details.

Best wishes


I am a designer - - and have many years of experience in preparing photography including food for brochures and advertising. My wife ran a studio in London and is a food stylist. I can send you a variety of shots if you would like to e mail me directly.

We are 20kms north of Pau and we have friends near Bergerac so you are not too far from us.

Neil Whitehead



I'd love to but it's too far for me to travel :( Good luck finding someone!

would love to do it , but i am at other end of France