Photos to remind us of Oz

When I first arrived in Europe (1976) I used to count the days of comparable weather to my home town, Sydney. I don’t think I ever got more than 20 in a year, but the counting was boring and the memory is now dim.

I wonder whether a photo or two would bring back the feeling?

Lucky you Graham - I can't believe I'd been in Oz for almost 9 years before heading over the water! Absolutely stunning. We went in January this year (couldn't move to France having not been to NZ) and I would also recommend Hamner Springs where we stopped off for a couple of days on our way to Kaikoura. Enjoy!

Lavender farm, Kaikoura

And Kaikoura Bay, NZ

Thought this link could do with a couple of extra shots... here's Nielsen Park in Sydney's Vaucluse (taken on a July mid-winters day)

Hi Graham, I spent the day with a mate and his boat sailing out of the Middle Harbour Yacht Club. He and his group have an annual meet of the Emergency Services mob, Airport Fire Rescue is his link and they base out of MHYC for the week. Others include Customs, Police, Ambo’s etc. What better way to spend a day. When in Sydney for work I used to stay in Manly so I could Ferry to and from work. What a way to go! Bill

Yet to get my place in France and working on it but Tuesday spent sailing on Sydney Harbour, Wednesday Bondi Beach. Wonderfull to be sure (to be sure, well it is St Pat’s day) but sure would love the experience you guys are living, even for a short while.

Enjoy and despite the floods and storms, Aus is still here and the clear blue skies keep turning up.


Byron Bay, made favourite place in Oz

Alice Springs

I too miss the glorious sunshine, the beautiful wild life and the excellent vegetarian choices in Coles!