Phrases with the same meaning in French and English

I just heard a presenter on a French TV program say “la cerise sur le gâteau” and I had no idea this phrase was used in France.
Any others you know of?
Izzy x

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Monter sur ses grands chevaux…


The manager at the garage tried to soften the blow of 3 repairs totalling +/- 1000€ in my first week here saying, in French, “Trouble comes in 3’s”. His English is good enough to know we say the same.

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“Ventre à terre” - flat out or flat to the boards - describing rate of progess.

I haven’t picked up many to be honest. I’ll see if I can think of any!

The ones that trip me a lot are the ‘faux amis’ I must try to find a list and study them and reprogram myself!!! The one that I have been using for ever and amazingly no one picked me up on until recently is ‘charger’ - we ‘charger’ our remorque, we can’t ask how much the man at the epicerie has ‘charger’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: cause of great hilarity while watching my son play football with texts from our APE (I’m treasurer) that went into being very confused. I passed my friend my phone and she worked out what I’d done! Oops!

‘et rien sous la table’ was my favourite by the notaire after asking me and the seller’s SIL as we completed the purchase/sale of the plot of land next door.

He had been droning on for ages and both of us had nearly dropped off when we suddenly noticed that he had paused and was looking at us for an answer to his question about the price.

‘Oh, non, non, pas du tout’ was our cry in unison as we both suddenly realised what he was asking. The notaire smiled and carried on. He had heard it all before of course. :laughing: :laughing:

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