Pic du Midi

Our boys (10 and 8) are members of the local ski club, Le Ski Toy! They now ski better and faster than me. Sad!

The ski club is one of the oldest in the Pyrenees, it is celebrating its 100th anniversary in April this year. All the kids are proud to belong to such an old and successful club. On saturday the 10 years old gang went to the race in Barèges and they finished 1st and 3rd (Nathan and JB)! To thank them for their efforts, the coach took them skiing down the mighty Pic du Midi! I have never done it and none of the kids had been up there on skis!

It was a superb day out in the sun for the kids of Ski Toy. I thought I’d share a couple of photos with you.

Remember! There is snow in the Pyrenees!



Alastair, the boys started very slowly when they were 3! Only one goal, get them to like being out on the snow. Not forcing anything. (Easier when you live in the moutains, you pick a nice day, warm nice snow, not too crowded etc…) At 4 they started with the coach… 5 they were serious about their ski!

Angela, I see that it looks like it is my boys in 1 and 3, but it is not the case. The second is really excellent and he was doing l’OUVREUR on the day… too young for that race. My first one is good but just good, his two friends from the club got 1st and 3rd.

Inspiring photos indeed. It has been snowing here since midnight last night, I hope it will be enough for the tourists arriving in the next few days.

Congrats to your boys and beautiful photos…just the way I like my snow!

That fantastic!
What age were the kids when they atarted? Mine are 4 and 2, and the 4 year old is getting good at sitting down and saying " I want to go home", so I very envious of your two.