Pickled onions anyone?

Hi, does anyone have a recipe for pickled onions ?


I used to do them every year here as Bretagne was the shallot centre of France and my friends were farmers growing them. I always used the shallot vinegar from Super U or their cider vinegar, NEVER the cheap white alcohol vinegar. You basically boil up your vinegar with your spices (whole ones are best like peppercorns, cloves any anything else or you can use a bit of teatowel and put them in that tied with string and put in the pan. Leave to cool when boiled and cover until cold. Make sure jars are clean (no need to sterilise with vinegar). Pack shallots in tightly as they shrink over time and then cover completely with the vinegar and some of the spices too if you like. Don’t pack right to the top as you need to have the vinegar over them. I NEVER USE metal lids to jam jars as vinegar corrodes them so a couple of pieces of cooking parchment and then two good pieces of aluminium foil on top of the paper, tie tightly with kitchen string and put away in a dark place for at least six weeks to absorb the vinegar. They keep years. This way is good because if you run out of vinegar its easy and quick just to top up with more.


I do mine , oignon jaune saucier, not shallots, in Balsamic vinegar.

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Yes any small onions are good, its just that shallots were free and plentiful where I lived. I also did some with a couple of teaspoons of sugar added to vinegar, gave them a different slant. If you don’t leave the boiled vinegar to get cold before covering, the onions will be mushy and not crisp!


Brilliant thanks. Apparently you can add honey ?

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