Picnic and Petanque anyone ?!

Hi everyone

Some months ago there was some interest in holding a summer event of some kind in the Languedoc, so we wondered if there are still some members of this group that would like to get together for a family 'do'. Maybe something late afternoon/evening, with BBQ/picnic and a game of Petanque thrown in for good measure.

We are happy to do the planning if you are happy to do the attending!

Could you please let us know what your preferred weekdays/locations might be and we'll take it from there...

Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Hi Annette,

It sounds a great idea Thanks , please count me in if its sometime in July becuase August we won’t be here.

Bye xx

Hi Annette
Is this still on somewhere / sometime? I think it’s a great idea and would love to be involved as long as I can work it around my clients. The sooner a date is suggested the more chance I have of being able to do something about it.
I love a game a petanque and am happy to do some food if needed.
Been too long since we got together

Hi there - nice to hear from you. We will be moving to the lycee! My partner is coming in as the new deputy head and, bonus, he gets housed. So, really, pretty central, minutes drive from the center or even a walk if I feel energetic!

Would love to meet people once we’re settled in (the move will be towards the end of the month, not got exact days yet).

We would be very interested, anytime suits and anywhere between Narbonne & Montpelier would be good, somewhere near water, where we can swim would be nice as it will probably be hot.

Hi Sian,
We live in Agde & there are several other Aussies,Poms and a Kiwi couple here too. Welcome to Agde, what part will you be moving to?

Yes we would be up for this if before 1st September… prepared to help in some way too but not sure how…keep us informed.

Hi Annette,
I’m up for a get together. Having missed the last two I am desperate to come to one.
Thanks for organising.
Gill King

Good Morning Annette

I’m up for this, but as usual we have our fair share of f&f’s visiting this summer. Somewhere near MPL would be my preferred location.

Hi, this is just the group I was looking for, lovely to find it, look forward to communicating with you all, and the chance to get to meet people face to face would be lovely. I’m near Montp too, at the moment, but will be moving to Agde July/Aug time. That’s about an hour away, so sort of half way would be perfect!

Thanks Vivien, that’s incredibly generous of you :slight_smile: we’ll see how the interest goes and if we can find a location that suits … more soon …!

Ah would love to. We won’t be around for a few months. Jot us down for the next one, Cheers!

Great idea! Weekends for me in July are already pretty busy although the 23/24 is still okay, otherwise I’m off work on Wednesday afternoons.

August I’ll be here all the time, but my kids won’t. I wouldn’t want to drive more than an hour really if it’s not going to be local to Montpellier.

Hi Annette,

Sounds good, probably week-end if its late afternoon, anywhere up to an hour from Narbonne for me.

I volunteer to do the food, if that helps?

Glad you are settled in and back ‘on-line’!


Sounds good to me. Somewhere nearby. x