Pig latin, Eggy Peggy

SO who of us out there used to use pig latin or Eggy as a youngster?

I used to over 30 years ago speak pretty good eggy but could understand pig latin but not talk it.

Or did you use something else?

Eggy peggy was very popular when I was at prep school and I can still speak it fluently and very fast.

i’m sure I could if i worked at it but not something ive used 30 years. My dad still speaks perfect pig and hog latin (hog latin is very very old but was quite common with farming folks)

It is the sort of thing that amuses my children and their friends. I can do it in various languages.

never heard pig latin in anything but English. same for eggy would be Beggyjoir Jeggymapelle heggyarry, seggyava even saying it just sound crazy in french.

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Beggonjeggour jegge meggapeggellegge Heggareggy :wink:
But French is my native language as much as English so it is easy for me.

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we always used eggy, others used eggo, eggi egg eggo. all varies dependant on local dialect. should try it with ouf instead of egg make it more french.

I’ll have a large one of whatever it is you two are drinking! :slight_smile:

hahahahahaha just coffee in my house Simon I will make you another one when your here next with “the big hairy boys”

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