Pineapple Netbook

(Stanley Frederick Lover) #1


Not made much progress sorting out my cadeau from Le Figaro.

I phoned the journal several times before I could speak to someone trying to help. I explained that the manual provides only minimal info - not enough for dumbheads like me. I asked about the guarantee, SAV, and contact data of the maker.
Would you believe I was told, ‘We don’t know the maker.’
‘But,’ I said, ‘you must have ordered thousands.’
‘Only thing to do, if it doesn’t work, is to send it back and we will replace it.’
‘But, it does work and I’ve already found out how to do some basics. Now I need more advice from the maker.’
‘Why not go to an IT specialist?’
‘Because I don’t want to spend a fortune on a simple netbook.’
'C’est comme ça, Monsieur.‘
End of conversation.
Ah! Les Francais!

I popped into my local municipal Seniors Space and found two nice benevol guys really trying hard to help. But, they are Windows men and admitted not being au fait with the Linux OS, and a couple of other gizmos, so couldn’t get me connected or email up and running.

The World Cup has eaten up much time - football is a speciality subject for me - and I’m about to cut off for the Spain v Paraguay match.

I’ve tried websites about netbooks but they are not specific enough for my purpose.

So, Nick, my question is - are there other members who have one of these ‘gems’’ and what success have they had putting it to work?

Must go now otherwise my wife will bag the best seat in our tribune.

All best


(Nick Aurelius-Haddock) #2

The router/switch is the box your ISP (internet connection provider) gave you to connect to the internet. It normally offers WIFI and a cable connection. The picture above shows the where you should place the ethernet cable into the pineapple , and the other end into the router/switch.

That should definitely give you an internet connection. You can work on the WIFI connection later.

I think it might be better to move to a more standard version of Linux, which would be Ubuntu netbook remix, but lets get an internet connection first.



(Stanley Frederick Lover) #3


The first pic seems OK - others follow…Pineapple 2 to 7.

Hope that works.

Re your suggestion er, what’s a ‘router/switch’?


(Stanley Frederick Lover) #4

You are right - it’s made in China (where else?).

Have taken some shots and will try to load them here.
In case that doesn’t work please advise your email address.

Clicked on the camera icon and loaded this first of 7 as above. Before proceeding please confirm you can see the file.

We’re on the road to Normandy tomorrow for hols but email contact should be OK.



(Nick Aurelius-Haddock) #5

Well it sounds like a generic Chinese made netbook, probably based on, or a copy of the original 7" Asus model.

Ok, how about you take a few snaps with your digital camera, and post those up on the site so we can have a good look.

I suspect it will be able to connect to the wireless, other wise it would not be very useful. If it has got an Ethernet network port, can you try pluging that into your router/switch and see if you can connect to the internet with that, it should be automatic.