PINGIT equivalent

I’ve just heard that Barclays will be closing their PINGIT mobile banking service which doesn’t make any charges for transferring money from GBP to Euros. Does anyone know of another service that will make crossing-channel transfers free of charge?
I’d be eternally grateful …!



another vote for Revolut.
So easy to use and very reliable. Money available in EUR instantly from Sterling and you can obtain a EUR card for making payments too.

You needs to have a smart phone and a reliable network for revolut. I tried, and failed…

Transferwise (now just called Wise) an alternative.

Worldwide. Generally offer 1 or 2 pence below the daily rate, depending how long you have been with them. I deal with the same man every time on the phone and that seals the deal. No charges.

Only bank transfer so must have a UK bank though.