Pinterest - a couple of questions for you experts

I wasn't sure which group to join to ask these - I've applied to the Social Media Group which seems the most appropriate but I have to wait until I am approved and I'm in the process of setting up my Pinterest account right now.

I have a couple of basic questions that I haven't been able to answer by searching on the net.

1.) Does the size of the image you upload matter? I do realise that the images are resized when the are uploaded anyway but does the original image size affect this?

2.) Is there any point giving images "meaningful" names for SEO's or do the images get renamed when they are uploaded.

Thanks in advance!

I’m just about to set up a pinterest account and am researching one or two things before doing so - it seems the name is all-important. I want to use it for my business so think that my business name might be best rather than my own name. I’ve also found out that there is now a registration at the outset or you change it to a businss account later if you already have an account. as a business if you wish - it seems to be free but does anyone know if there is a charge. Is it best to go along this route (business reg) rather than a personal account with the business name?

1. No the image will be compressed and resized for you whatever size you uploaded, the only difference will be the time it takes to upload it.

2. Most certainly, Google images will index photos, as it can't see what the content of an image is, it has to use the name of the file.

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I'll ignore point a) as I'll most likely get it wrong, but on the second point, yes, I think it's worth naming your pics, whether they are sometimes re-named or not. From my experience well-named pics are picked up by WordPress and other platforms, as are pics in 'static' websites. Unless you have the facility to 'maintain' the name, they may be over-wirtten by Scrollers, HTML5,FB etc.
Please don't treat anything I say as Gospel, I may be cheating, or deluding myself. Or both.

Oh ^that Pinterest button, doh!

It would pin images to your own Pinterest boards Ron

ooooo That's brill. where are we pinning?

I've just added Pinterest buttons to all posts, get pinning!

A Pause button - wot's one of those then? Maybe I should get one ;-)

I was going to use Pinterest but couldn't find the all-important Pause button.

It never used to interest me either Michelle but things change :-)

I do appreciate the time that Ron has spent helping me with all the questions I've posted about websites - I can imagine that it must be frustrating for you sometimes when he's busy helping everyone else when he gets home from work - I suppose there are worse hobbies to have, as you say, at least he's not down the pub!

Hi, It doesn't interest me at all this sort of thing, but I do pick up on who Ron admires. He 'works' all day, then all night every. I wouldn't mind so much but he does everything for free, he even mentioned a course earlier, at least he's not down the pub!! good luck anyway, I'm off to bed I need my sleep.

Thanks Michelle, I shall be patient and wait for the approval to join Jorgen's group then (well I've gone ahead and set my Pinterest account up anyway...).

Someone warned me that Pinterest was addictive and I am beginning to think they were right...I'm sure your hubby and Jorgen are spending their time all night social networking ;-)

Jorgen Poulsen seems to know everything about this topic, that's what my hubby says...they both seem to stay up all night...I'm beginning to wonder...