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Hi All,

Looks like we're finally going to get to move into our farmhouse. Does anyone know if I have to get permission from the Mairie to change the facade of the house, like enlarging or adding windows, or adding a wrap around balcony. Does one just do it and then await the consequences? I also have a fairly large four au pain that I want to add a conservatory to and change into a chambre d'hote, do I need permission for that too! Thanks all advice welcome. S

Thanks All,

I will get down to the Mairies asap and start the paper chase! Perhaps I should ask what don't I need permission for?? S.

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Sarah, just go down the the mairie in Aubin, the bloke who deals with planning applications works in the mairie building itself and is helpfull. i did full plans on a place I had in Aubin and they were passed no problem. All the forms are there to collect (4 x everything!). I can't remember the blokes name but André Martinez, the current maire, is very proactive and helpful, a nice bloke too ;-)

Hi Sarah,

Simple answer is, get friendly with your Maire! We had to submit full plans for our house, simply because we were changing the size of two windows by a few centimetres. The windows were on the back and nobody would have seen them, but that made no difference.

I wouldn't recommend the "just do it and hope for the best" approach. I think that x#could lead to serious problems in the future.

Get friendly with the Mairie and you should find them very helpful. Ours was great and very patient with my attempts at drawing plans of the house. The best advise I had was to submit as many changes that you intend to make, all at the same time, since you only then need to submit one set of plans. We had to include the fact that we wanted to change the colour of the facade, so I think adding a balcony will need to be applied for.

Hope that helps


You need permits for all of the above! Your local Mairie will be able to advise you and often assist with the process though. Good luck, sounds like you have a great project!