Planting trees in France - interesting project

Hi! I’d like to mention this website where you can donate trees to plant, in a few different regions of France?


Just taken quick look and it does look interesting…

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@james @ cat

Fine by us.

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Who remembers “Plant a tree in '73, plant one more in '74?”…

I certainly remember the first one of those. …

I don’t I wasn’t even thought of :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Ah… young people today… :rofl:


How about the Great Storm in ‘87 which felled 15 million trees? (Kept me in work for years after…)

Yes i do remember that (even from Oz!) as my godmother lost a lot of trees on her land! It was also the year I did my first trip to the UK to meet all my family!

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That was a good one. I remember the pressure difference in my flat in maida Vale, London, making the glass in the windows creak.

When I got to where I was working, three young trees, about 20 feet high, planted in a line down the pavement, had all blown over in a dead streat line and the last one had knocked over the traffic light - which was pointing to the sky still signalling to passing birds and aircraft red/red & amber/ green/amber ad inf.

Down Plymouth, the waves were bursting clear over Drake’s island, in the Sound.