Anyone know where a person can find a bag of plaster called 'Lutece 2000' in the Narbonne/Perpignan area? Used to find it in Dordogne....the only French plaster I know that doesn't go off before you get it out of the bucket.

I did put a reply somewhere! Thanks, found the plaster at Union Materiaux St. Hippolyte not far from here. I'll ask my brother about Richard......he is heavily into family stuff.

Yes it was a soft G. He was class of 68 me 69. Thanks for bothering to reply. Hope you got your plaster.

Sorry David, I didn't notice your PS. I don't know Richard Gell, but if his surname is pronounced with a soft G the chances are we are related.....there aren't THAT many of us around!

It's produced by Saint Gobain and they list the following supplier in Narbonne


rue levassor
zi croix sud
11100 narbonne

Tél : 04 68 41 13 77
Fax : 33 4 68 41 17 98

PS Are you related to Richard "Dickie" Gell late of Birmingham University?