Plasterboard wanted

Hello all. Does anyone know where we can get 50 sheets of plasterboard reasonably priced, around the area of Chef Boutonne in Deux-Sevres? In the process of renovating our French house during school holidays, which is 20 minutes south of Chef Boutonne. Plasterboard isn't cheap and when you need so many it adds up! We will be returning 3rd week of July for one month.

Thanks, Andrea

We have an account at a local material supplier and get a good deal on placo when you factor in transport from Brico Depot which is over an hour from us. And there's a choice of sizes up to 2.8m so less jointing to do for walls. Maybe worth asking your local supplier for a devis. For standard 2.5m size, got a good deal from Leroy Merlin for 5 pallets (they negotiate for volume) - got it delivered for a good price too. Castorama also have good prices (same group as Brico Depot and delivery not horrendous cost) - all depends how far these places are from your home.

Hi there,

Try Brico Depot, their prices are reasonable!

I got mine around 4 years ago ,after some research they were the cheapest then!