Play the Brexit Bus Game


(Chris Kite) #21

Much respect to your son but you will have to try harder!

(Paul Flinders) #22

If you say so :slight_smile:


(Ann Coe) #23

Wish I could Paul, I already use Firefox, but I guess that my computer, like me, is past its sell by date :wink: Will try the link from a friend’s computer later in the week, and then watch out boys, this lady is not for turning :grin:

(Chris Kite) #24

My toys are now being thrown out the pram…
I hope you are not posting No1 sons score😭

(Paul Flinders) #25

No, that’s mine - I’m still trying to figure out how the heck No1 son got 37 secs.

(Chris Kite) #26

This🏆 must be yours then…unless…

(Chris Kite) #27


(Paul Flinders) #28

Well done!

(Chris Kite) #29

A thoroughly deserved :medal_sports:

(Paul Flinders) #30


37 so tied with No1 son but put to shame by Chris.

Will have to try harder

(Chris Kite) #31

Please don’t! I’ll get repetitive strain injury :smirk:

(Paul Flinders) #32

No 1 son has done it in 33 seconds.:angry:

(Chris Kite) #33

He’s not of this world :alien:

(Anne Marie Huet ) #34

Ok going again :blush: simple minded me did not réalisé the value of the seconds lol, I could have driven from the var to Calais in my time haha xxxx

(Anne Marie Huet ) #35

OK survive in France members never ever trust me with your votes and thoughts, that bus has just crashed and crashed :blush::uk::uk::uk::uk::uk: Happy to have tried though . Good fun, well done James xxxx

(Paul Flinders) #36

Of course he isn’t - he’s a teenager