Play the Brexit Bus Game

Brexit Bus

Click image to play the game (via Advisa).

Very good. 111 seconds.

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161 seconds…

88 seconds…where’s my trophy? I’d like to thank my parents without whom none of this would have been possible…

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81 seconds

Any advance on 79 seconds…

64 seconds :slight_smile:

My son just got 62

My son is arriving tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have to get him to post a time.

The little *&^%^%£$ just got 51 seconds!

I’m not at all competitive… I’ll give in gracefully😇

53 seconds is my best so far.

Beats me - best so far 55 seconds.

EDIT: OK, I admit to being competitive - 49 seconds


I lied, I am extremely competitive but hey, I’m doing this on an iPad!
No one under voting age please…this is the Brexit game after all…and it’s in the rules.
60 seconds

Lots of people on here who are ineligible to play this game!

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I have tried joining in the game but the link won’t work and my bus won’t move. Just as well as I wouldn’t want to show all you boys up :wink:

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Install Firefox or Chrome and join the fun.

@Chris - tie!


Take that Flinders…:star_struck:


Challenge accepted!


No1 son still has the best time with 37 secs.