Playing podcasts on an Android tablet

Although I have managed to transfer podcasts to my Android before, I have no idea how I did it, and now I want to do it again.

I have transferred a BBC Sounds podcast to the PC. With the Android connected to the computer it says it is there and, I have found it on the Android (along with a whole lot of other podcasts) but I can’t get it to play no matter how hard I try.

Long ago I set up The Archers podcast and can play that via Podcast Addict each night with no problems, but this has got me whacked.

I have searched Podcast Addicts, Google Podcasts and the Google Music App (where there are some old ones I did without knowing how years ago) but only if I click on the browser do I get this list.

Anybody any idea what’s going on? :roll_eyes:

Despite having an Android phone for about five years (recently disposed of) I know very little about the OS but I’d suggest you just select one of theses and set up subscriptions your favourite podcasts.

I have been using Podbean recently and it seems pretty good.

Thanks both I will have a look at those but the problem does not seem to be there but in something else, as my Archers podcast plays perfectly well on the Podcast Addicts I use for that.

I have been using my old laptop for playing myself to sleep with Classic FM but it is a bit of a pain cranking it up before I can use it. Be quicker if it was a wind up, but I will check if another app on the Android will do the trick.

Edit: A quick look at John’s link and the first thing I saw was this:

Google Podcasts is one of the more (oh dear :roll_eyes:) unique options out there, as you can either opt to download the app, or just listen from your browser. Just fire up the Google app and search for “Podcasts”, and from there, you’ll be able to serach for, and listen to, your favorite podcasts.

That’s my problem right there, I have what I want on Google podcast apps and access it via the browser, there are all my episodes, but no sound comes out. I have checked the old ones I have and they work so it isn’t the Android at fault.

Well just before I went to bed last night I somehow managed to get it going, no idea how, when I work it out for next time I will let you know. :wink:

Suffice to say that I was able to go to sleep to the sound of bird song interspersed with other music and was no longer awake to hear the end of the 30 minute podcast. :joy:

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If you are playing in browser have a quick look in Chrome Settings while the podcast site is open on the page. Probably in somewhere like Advanced Settings, you may have Site Settings. Check is Sound enabled. If not , switch on Sound then reload (Ctrl+f5)the page, or close Chrome and then reopen.

OK Karen, but I am well known in certain circles for being very nervous of tampering with technical stuff. I’ll see what happens again to night and, if I can replicate what I did, I’ll stick to that. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

If not, I’ll risk a bit of a tamper. :thinking: