Please explain how I add photo

(jane capoani) #1

this is my gigantic lavender roots grow under terrce not sure if the dowload works as I never tempted to up load picture…hope it works if not help needed

(jane capoani) #2

(Jill Harrison) #3

Hi Jane, I Lurvvvvve Lavender one of my favourites but mine are still so small! nothing nicer then sitting next to a bush in the evening with a glass of wine and crushing the buds with your fingers to release such a beautiful aroma!

To have your picture come up immediately, go back to your posting and press delete, then go the camera icon above where you type, and hey presto, don’t worry i made the same mistake and someone corrected me, good luck!

(jane capoani) #4

hey it worked…I feel very proud of myself