Please Help ! How to get a titre de Sejour

Hello I’m looking for advice , I have been told by caf that I need a titre de Sejour in order to continue to receive child benefit and allow my daughter to go to nursery we have been here for 14 months and and run a little business selling books , we thought the business would get off to a better start than it has but were building it up as we can so we have very little money and three children to feed also trying to keep the roof over our heads so it’s important to get this titre de Sejour as soon as possible , does any body know how you do this ? How long it takes ? What I need to do , every thing seems so hard and being able to talk very little French doesn’t help (another problem I’m combating ) thanks for any advice

You need to apply to your Prefecture for a carte de séjour, and the arrangements for how to apply vary from place to place. Sometimes you can just go in during opening hours but often you need to book a slot in advance online or by phone, and go along with your completed forms and supporting documentation, in duplicate or triplicate or whatever they ask for. Basically you need to prove you meet the criteria for legal residence and unfortunately income might turn out to be a problem again, but all you can do is apply and see what their decision is. Start off by finding the website of your prefecture, and there should be a section on there that tells you how to apply for a carte de séjour. Make sure you download the right forms because I think it might be a different form for EU applicants than from non EU applicants.

You say you’ve been here for 14 months so hopefully you have already submitted a tax return and received a tax assessment (avis d’imposition). If not, that is going to be a problem.

Strongly suggest you go to the Prefecture on an info research visit, just to get the right forms and know EXACTLY what docs and number of copies are needed. Then assemble everything - including extra photos, and make a second visit.
Good luck on that !!!