Please help me to avoid getting lost in the wilds of Pays de la Loire

Hi All,

As my friends tell me, when the queue was up for internal GPS, I wasn't anywhere to be found..thanks guys but yes they are probably right!!

So having just bought a car I have decided that I should invest in a SatNav of some sort sooner rather than later....

Could anyone recommend a decent option that doesn't cost the earth and covers the UK and France please?

I have found these two on Le Bon Coin - are they any good?

Many thanks in advance :)


Thanks Roger, I was thinking the same thing to be honest so I may pop along to Darty first and check out what's on offer especially as the "Soldes" are on at the moment.

Hi Damaris - I would say that it's best to stick with one of the big name brands like Garmin or Tomtom. I've owned both of them and prefer my current one - the Garmin. Mine is also a "nuvi" but a different model so I can't offer any wisdom on the one you've found. (It was 75 euros new from Darty)